Creative Direction, Branding, Print, etc.

Two years ago, we applied to this program with the hopes of improving as designers. What we faced was a pandemic that limited our access to the studio, resources, and in-person interaction. Through many days in solitude, sleepless nights, and virtual critiques, we came to realize that to push forward, we had to rely on our classmates as much as ourselves. It is now we understand that this program had more to offer than a curriculum, but a cohort of lifelong bonds.

We are a collection of individuals brought together through similar aspirations. Our cohort is best defined by the journey on which it has embarked, one that culminates with an exhibition exploring the works of twenty-three imaginative designers. Here, we document each designer’s creative process and demonstrate their abilities and talents.

This exhibition marks the end of our journey at CSULB. It is a space to reminisce on each and everyone’s growth since entering the program, all the while welcoming and starting a new chapter––whatever that may be. In other words, this show will be our yearbook. The memories and camaraderie we’ve formed over these past few years will be shown for all to see.

And with that, we say goodbye.

Best Wishes,
The Class of FA’22

Baskerville Type Specimen

Typography, Editorial

+ Coming Soon

The project was to design a type specimen book with a subject of interest and find a solution to enhance the typeface.

The chosen type family is Baskerville and subject of interest of medium format film photography. Baskerville is classified as a transitional serif typeface designed by John Baskerville, it is considered one of the most notable and representative fonts during the Transitional age. Today, it is one of the most recognized typefaces in typography, used in Kate Spade’s logo, The Canada wordmark, Lancome logo, etc.

The type specimen showcases Baskerville’s various weights, letters, numerals, characters, glyphs and sizes in use with a relation to Medium Format film photography.

Conversation Pit

Cinema4D, Typography

+ Coming Soon

We were given a chance to pick our own theme and use our typography skill sets to create a cohesive system of products. My category was based in interior design and the theme I chose was love & gratitude for my friends and family.

The project expresses my love for my family & friends for supporting me through my journey as a designer and as an individual.

I wanted to challenge myself through our final project so I took up learning Cinema 4D. I received helped from Sabrina Curry & Derek Dubler to help me flush out my ideas & navigate through C4D. The conversation pit serves as a safe space for loved ones to spend time together. All throughout the piece are words of advice & affirmation I’ve received throughout my life from my family and friends.

The Naga


+ Coming Soon

Ruou is synonymous in Vietnam. Liquor was distilled from everything from, sticky rice, brown rice, ordinary rice, etc. Different liquors become a symbol for the location in which they were distilled. Rice liquor is a staple in Vietnamese culture, they can be found at family events or festivals for our ancestors, as an offering to the gods and ancestors. As a virtue, a cup of rice liquor is offered, followed by a bow to thank the gods. Two cups of rice liquor are emptied as a symbol of earth & heaven’s everlasting friendship. Many Vietnamese families have rice liquor in their homes used for medicinal purposes, large gatherings, events, or even decoration for the home. Rice liquor is traditionally offered by the host as a ritualistic shot, then the guest offers a shot, which symbolizes friendship.

The brand name is, The Naga, which is the dragon symbol of yang, represents the universe, life, existence, and growth. The legendary story is the King of Dragons from the coastlands and the Fairy Princess from the highlands married, which united two kingdoms. The concept of the rice liquor is based on the legendary story of the “children of the dragon & fairy”. It’s about how Vietnamese people should love, honor, and protect each other. It is about love and unity. The concept was to create a mid-tier and high-tier alcohol design which not only tells the beautiful and inspiring story of the children of the dragon & fairy, but symbolizes Vietnam as a whole, and the message about love and unity.

Experimental event poster of six type methodologies.

The event chosen was the 626 Night Market based in Arcadia, CA the largest night market in the U.S., it is inspired by the famous open-air nighttime bazaars of Asia, where people come together to eat, drink, socialize, and be entertained. It has the finest Asian cuisine, activities, along with live music. 

Throughout this project I experimented with many varations of compositions and improvised each round. Every poster was completely different from the last, the final version is a combination of all six methodologies.