🍱 626 Night Market

The 626 Night Market is based in Arcadia, CA, the largest night market in the U.S., it is inspired by the famous open-air nighttime bazaars of Asia, where people come together to eat, drink, socialize, and be entertained. They cater the finest local Asian cuisine, as well has providing exciting activities and live music.

Creative Direction
Tran Lam, Devin Dailey, Torres

Tran Lam

Composition Drafts

Experimental event poster combination of six different type methodologies; expository, biomorphic, representational, sympathetic, ambiguous, and antithetical. Each round we were asked to create two versions, then asked to create hybrid compositions. Combination A; biomorphic & ambiguous. Combination B; antithetical & sympathetic. Combination C; representational and expository.

Through this process, we went through a new round of poster compositions per round, each exploration is vastly different from each other.

Throughtout this project I experimented with many variations of compositions and improvised each round. Every poster was completely different from the last, the final version is a combination of all six methodologies.