The Naga


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Ruou is synonymous in Vietnam. Liquor was distilled from everything from, sticky rice, brown rice, ordinary rice, etc. Different liquors become a symbol for the location in which they were distilled. Rice liquor is a staple in Vietnamese culture, they can be found at family events or festivals for our ancestors, as an offering to the gods and ancestors. As a virtue, a cup of rice liquor is offered, followed by a bow to thank the gods. Two cups of rice liquor are emptied as a symbol of earth & heaven’s everlasting friendship. Many Vietnamese families have rice liquor in their homes used for medicinal purposes, large gatherings, events, or even decoration for the home. Rice liquor is traditionally offered by the host as a ritualistic shot, then the guest offers a shot, which symbolizes friendship.

The brand name is, The Naga, which is the dragon symbol of yang, represents the universe, life, existence, and growth. The legendary story is the King of Dragons from the coastlands and the Fairy Princess from the highlands married, which united two kingdoms. The concept of the rice liquor is based on the legendary story of the “children of the dragon & fairy”. It’s about how Vietnamese people should love, honor, and protect each other. It is about love and unity. The concept was to create a mid-tier and high-tier alcohol design which not only tells the beautiful and inspiring story of the children of the dragon & fairy, but symbolizes Vietnam as a whole, and the message about love and unity.