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Sunfire focuses on naturally grown and handcrafted products. We believe in inclusivity and believe in the pursuit of assisting you in healing your mind, body, and spirit. The organic ingredients of CBD and herbs are mindfully sourced from quality farms for safe smoking to heal the body from the inside out. Sunfire can be trusted to be a part of your journey for human wellness.

The message of Sunfire; Ignite, evolve, and transcend, hold great meaning. Apart they are powerful, and together they become a way of life. Ignite marks the beginning of mindfulness. This is a time for learning and exploring holistic health and mind-body wellness.

Evolve focuses on the inner self which is a time for meditation to reflect on energy and potential. Transcend is a new chapter of placing positive energy back into the Earth and tangibly practicing well-being. Let Sunfire aid you on this journey of spiritual awakening.

Ignite. Evolve. Transcend.