Creative Direction, Branding, Print, etc.

Two years ago, we applied to this program with the hopes of improving as designers. What we faced was a pandemic that limited our access to the studio, resources, and in-person interaction. Through many days in solitude, sleepless nights, and virtual critiques, we came to realize that to push forward, we had to rely on our classmates as much as ourselves. It is now we understand that this program had more to offer than a curriculum, but a cohort of lifelong bonds.

We are a collection of individuals brought together through similar aspirations. Our cohort is best defined by the journey on which it has embarked, one that culminates with an exhibition exploring the works of twenty-three imaginative designers. Here, we document each designer’s creative process and demonstrate their abilities and talents.

This exhibition marks the end of our journey at CSULB. It is a space to reminisce on each and everyone’s growth since entering the program, all the while welcoming and starting a new chapter––whatever that may be. In other words, this show will be our yearbook. The memories and camaraderie we’ve formed over these past few years will be shown for all to see.

And with that, we say goodbye.

Best Wishes,
The Class of FA’22